BlackPen technology, available for BB10

Ayco has already prepared the platform of BlackPen digital pen technology to support OS BB10, recently launched by BlackBerry. Thus, the Galician company is demonstrating once again its commitment to update and incorporate the latest technology in order to optimize their products and services.

The new operating system BlackBerry 10 has been launched recently and promises to revolutionize the smartphone market. Specifically, it is the operating system with the largest number of applications available (70,000) at launch, in addition to faster browsers, new features and smart cameras.

After attends to the last BlackBerry World Conference (Orlando, May 2012) and other events related to the Canadian company, Ayco began working with the OS BB10  in order to develop the update of the different mobile platforms which includes products like BlackPen.

platform has been improved. This product can transmit everything written on paper to a computer system in real time wherever the computer system is. The data captured by the digital pen is transmitted thru internet thanks to the blackberry device which acts as a modem.

This tool replicates the original handwritten data or actions which have been included, using traditional elements such as pen and paper. You do not need a special paper, just there is a prior form design process. This form can be printed then with a normal printer and use ©Anoto digital pen technology.

Users take benefit from the natural, simple and intuitive form of using pen and paper. That is, any text you put in the paper or attached images are transformed into digital data and, most importantly, there is no need to change the basic processes of information gathering or work routines.

An innovative product which is in the forefront news from the world of mobile technology to improve the services offered to its users and is available for anyone who is interested in Moreover, you can see a demo here.

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